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F-108 土业园地 (第 108 期) 2011.7.11
Field for Artificial Soil Technology AST (№ 108 )
作者:李鹏飞 Author Li Pengfei July 11, 2011
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The Land to Be Made by Tucheng
    在很久很久以后,人们仍然口头相传土成造地的故事。据说在很久很久以前,世界上有一个国家叫中国,它位于亚洲的东方,由于人多地少,许多人都要离开家乡去外地做工。在外出做工的人流中,有一个中年人,他姓土成,大家都叫他土成子,现年 36 岁,身体强壮性情憨厚,由于生下来口吃并有些愚钝,中学毕业后便回家务农。后来父母先后离开人世,他又跟随叔叔外出做工。土成在生活上十分勤俭,从来不乱花一分钱, 10 多年的漂泊生活,他攒下了几万元钱,虽说仍未成家,但一个人生活却也安静自在。
    接下来土成吃尽了人间的千辛万苦,一个人用他余下来的 67 年,使用这些原始工具,在寸草不生的蛇形山上,造出 1 亩耕地来。在他人生的最后几年里,土成用自己的屎尿做肥料,生产出来的粮食足够他本人吃的了。土成死后把这 1 亩耕地传给后人,后人依靠这 1 亩耕地,用自己的屎尿做肥料,生产出来的粮食也足够他本人吃的了,后人用自己的一生又造了 1 亩耕地。后人死后把这 2 亩耕地传给第三人,第三人用自己的一生又造了 1 亩耕地。第三人死后把这 3 亩耕地传给第四人。就这样下去,不知传了多少代,整个蛇形山变成了层层的梯田,种植各种不同的农作物,有小麦、玉米、水稻、豆类、蔬菜、水果和牧草,真是一派兴旺景象。

2006 年 2 月 4 日
The Land to Be Made by Tucheng
In the distant future, people would be telling the legendary story of Tucheng making land. It is said that a long long time ago, there was a country in the world called China. It was located in the east of Asia. Due to its large population and limited land, lots of people had to leave their home to work in other parts of the country. Among the migrant workers, there was a middle-aged man ( aged 36 ) surnamed Tucheng, often called Tuchengzi by others. He was strong, healthy and honest. Because he was born a stammer and he was a little slow-witted, he had been a farmer since he graduated from junior middle school. Later on, his parents passed away, he followed his uncle to work in other places. Tucheng was very thrifty in daily life and he never wasted a penny. He saved several tens of thousands of RMB yuan after living an unstable life for over 10 years. He did not get married back then, yet he lived a quiet and easy life alone.
At this moment, an idea came into Tucheng ' s mind, which was to make artificial cultivated land. After observation, he found that all soil was changed from rocks. But it was too slow to change rocks into soil by the energy in nature. He wondered if he could make soil by grounding the rocks into powder and adding farmyard manure to grow crops. Although Tucheng was not born intelligent, his determination and perseverance were overwhelming and he decided to stay single. He bought all the necessary tools, such as hammer, jemmy, pin, pry bar, metal screen, axe, spade, thick sheet iron and roller and then set off for the inner mountains alone taking with him simple luggage.
During the remaining 67 years in his life, Tucheng had experienced all the hardships in the world. He made one mu cultivated land on a barren snake-shaped mountain using these primitive tools. In the last few years of his life, Tucheng used his own excrement as fertilizer and produced enough grain for him to live on. After his death, Tucheng passed this one mu land to a young man, who also used his own excrement as fertilizer and produced enough grain for himself. This descendent made another mu cultivated land in his lifetime. After the death of this descendent, the two mu land was passed on to the third young man, who made another mu cultivated land in his lifetime. After his death, the three mu land was passed on to the fourth young man and it went on like this. No one could know how many generations had passed when the mountain was covered with all kinds of crops, including wheat, corn, rice, beans, vegetables, fruits and grass, a thriving scene.
Later on, this was discovered and made public, so people began to follow suit and the boom of making artificial cultivated land started. People made cultivated land one generation after another. They overcame many difficulties, lived through various harsh environments and lived on and on. In memory of Tucheng, the name of the snake-shaped mountain was changed into Tucheng Mountain . Around Tomb Sweeping Festival every year, many people would go to the mountain to spread flowers, admire the terraced fields on the mountain to order to show respect to Tucheng.
Wu Mingshi (an anonymous person)
Feb. 4, 2006    
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